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Altair Payroll

Altair Payroll is a specialist Altair module that provides  all the features you would expect from a pensioner payroll system with the added benefits of being fully integrated in the Altair Ecosystem including Member Self Service and Insights.

Our pensioner payroll solution is used for paying over 20 million payments every year and is fully compliant with Real Time Information (RTI) reporting to HMRC.


Altair Payroll is fully integrated with Altair - administration and payroll data is stored and processed from a single database

HMRC RTI Compliant, supporting all message types and automated retrieval of responses from HMRC

Scheduled and Immediate Payments (BACS)

Member Portal Integration, enabling access to P60s and payslips

Automated tax code updates from HMRC

Automated tax and third party pay over

Standard suite of reports for control and reconciliation

Supports multiple payment payrolls and different payment frequencies


Increased Efficiency and Cost Saving

Reduce the risk of data transfer errors and resources by holding data in a single database.

Single source of data for valuation and calculations. Annual Pension Increases are maintained consistently across administration and payroll data.

Automatically pass data from the Altair Benefit Calculation engine to Altair Pensioner Payroll with authorisation steps to ensure records are created in a controlled manner.

Reduce the cost of payslips and P60s through Member Portal Integration.

Improved communication

Simplify and Automate Processes

Validation of HMRC RTI messages in line with HMRC rules before submission.

Automatic retrieval of HMRC Response messages.

Automatic retrieval and application of tax codes from HMRC.

Automatically generate BACS files for the pay over of tax and third-party payments.

Payroll Expertise

A dedicated Pensioner Payroll team supports our Pensioner Payroll customers.

What our Customers Say:

ayroll in order to have an integrated administration system enabling us to utilise the benefits including reduced administration and enabling our Pensioner members to gain a more enhanced member self-service system where they can access their payslips and P60’s.

The migration process was clearly detailed in project plans produced by Heywood, and regular conference calls enabled us to ensure we were focussing on the right areas at the right time. The support and knowledge of the Payroll consultants was excellent and helped us ensure we could get the system built correctly and use it effectively. There are scripts written to help identify anything needed!

Now we are live on the system we are already experiencing the benefits of reduced administration, including quicker processing of cases due to having an integrated system, and the monthly payroll cycle is clear, quick and reliable! Our Pensioner members are also enjoying being able to view their details online and interact with us more. We’d recommend Altair payroll if you’re thinking of changing payroll systems.

Stuart Potter & Carolyn Lowden

Pensions Operations Manager & Senior Pensions Officer

Suffolk County Coucil