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Heywood Cloud

Heywood Cloud leverages the public cloud and a private cloud to deliver an unparalleled managed service for the Heywood Pension Technologies stack.

We retain your data for as long as you need it and have elastic capacity to cope with access demands.


Heywood Cloud Services have been designed with security at the heart of our operations.

Continual vulnerability scanning, externally verified penetration testing, and an industry-leading Identity Access Manager are the gateway to your data. A Privileged Access Management system gives a full audit trail of when we access your system too, providing confidence over who has access to your data. 

Peace of Mind and Proactive Monitoring

Heywood Cloud operates out of a tier 4 data centre with resiliency by design.

Our comprehensive monitoring system analyses our entire infrastructure to identify trends and mitigate the risk of interruption to the customer experience.

Our Security, Information, Event Monitoring (SIEM) system offers analysis into behaviours and alerts in an early warning system to allow proactive, preventative maintenance.

Cloud Platform Excellence

Heywood Cloud Services offer fully managed services to fully host your pensions technology, or we can work in a hybrid model to complement your in-house IT.

What our Customers Say:

Heywood have solid and robust policies and procedures in place, and we have great reassurance that they would know exactly what to do in the event of a ransomware attack

Joanne Griffiths

Torfaen County Borough Council