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Heywood Insights

Leverage the Power of Your Data

A rich and intuitive experience, Heywood Insights provides interactive dashboards alongside powerful reports to share and explore.

Released in 2021, Heywood Insights has proved to be incredibly popular with more than a third of Heywood customers signing up within the 7 months of launch.


Customisable and sophisticated visual analytics.

Straightforward interrogation of data.

Effortless export of information for analysis.

Automated reports and alerts.

Standard dashboards and instant access reports, including:

Real-time, on-demand Data Quality dashboards to assess your data against a comprehensive set of validation tests, including The Pensions Regulator checks needed for your scheme return.

Pensioner Payroll reports to consolidate and speed up production of regular pre and post-monthly pensioner payroll processing, including invalid data checks and variance reports.

A suite of Workload Management dashboards, easily allowing you to visualise incoming and completed casework and performance against both internal and regulatory SLAs (including CIPFA performance returns).

Trustee/Pension Board reporting – swiftly produce up-to-date elements to easily download and slot into report packs, such as membership demographic graphics and admin KPI performance reports.


Aid operational efficiency

Customisable and sophisticated visual analytics.

Reduce waste of time spent on repeatedly reformatting data.

Reduce time and risk of manually manipulating data in report production.

Identify opportunities & make informed decisions

Spot trends by flexibly modelling and visualising data.

Pinpoint specific data in seconds. 

Meet regulatory commitments

Support and track large projects such as McCloud and  GMP equalisation.

Identify opportunities & make informed decisions

Drag-and-drop report building allows pensions staff and members to self-service.

Securely share and automatically circulate reports.

Optimise the customer service experience

Proactively track data and KPIs in advance - spot opportunities to improve prior to deadlines.

What our Customers Say:

Heywood Insights is a great addition to the Heywood suite of products.

Member Services Manager

Civil Aviation Authority Pension Scheme

Insights is user friendly with access to good training videos. Dashboards provide a great visualisation of our data that can be shared with Senior Management.
We have found the Dashboards delivered by Heywood to be of great assistance especially Data Quality – Common and Scheme Specific. To be able to run these as often as required and see the effects of rectification work the next day gives us greater security that we are taking the right action and motivates our staff when they see the pass rate increasing.

Diane Sinclair

Pensions Employer and Member Manager

Lothian Pension Fund