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The Pensions Dashboard

Sponsored by the industry and the Government

Automatic enrolment has doubled the number of people who are saving for a pension. While this is positive, there is clear evidence that workplace savers pay little attention to their pensions, and lack understanding on how to plan for later life.

Individuals need to keep track of the pensions they have accumulated from multiple employers in order to know if they are saving enough for retirement. However, for individuals with a multiplicity of small pots, keeping track of all their pensions is tricky.

The Pensions Dashboard will ensure people can get a full view of all their retirement savings in one place and make more informed decisions about their financial security.

How it works

The Pensions Dashboard comprises a Pension Finder, a consumer verification service and Integration Service Providers that link the dashboard to the 30,000+ pensions schemes and providers in the UK. Aquila Heywood is responsible for building the Integration Service Providers part of the Pensions Dashboard.

Pensions Dashboard diagram

The Project

Aquila Heywood is one of six technology development partners taking part in the Pensions Dashboard project.

The first part of the project involved building a prototype Pensions Dashboard. This was unveiled in April 2017 at an ABI event.

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Pensions Dashboard prototype video

Source: Association of British Insurers ABI

Since the launch of the Pensions Dashboard prototype, a number of roadshows, workshops and meetings have taken place around the country to get feedback and to demonstrate the Prototype.

In September 2018, the Government confirmed its support to the project. The Government’s support is crucial to the project and the industry remains committed to completing the Pensions Dashboard.

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