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Professional Services encompasses all the aspects of implementation, service operation and support provided to our customers. We work with you to ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from the investment you have made.

All of our product development, implementation and support processes are fully covered by our international quality standards, ensuring consistent and proven delivery throughout our customer relationships.

At Aquila Heywood our Professional Services solutions provide customers with specialist project and product knowledge, training and packaged consultancy services to help you successfully meet your challenges.

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Delivering Excellence

Our aim is to provide comprehensive implementation and support services that deliver:

  • Fast and accurate automated calculations at lower cost

  • Comprehensive testing that performs to exacting quality standards

  • Expert analysis and mapping of complex migration requirements

  • End-to-end implementation services that fully integrate our solution into your organisation

  • Tailored operating model from years of best-practice experience

  • Customised training that suits your team's needs

Implementation Consultancy

Aquila Heywood works closely with you to understand the quality of your data and the impact this has on your ability to offer high-quality and cost-effective administration. This insight allows a detailed strategy to be developed, which offers the most effective way to improve your service to members, while optimising operational efficiency.

Dedicated Project Management

Our governance framework and experienced team of project managers will control risks, timescales and budget to ensure there are no surprises and the implementation goes smoothly.

Data Migration

A key part of implementation is the movement of existing data from the system(s) we are replacing. This is seen as a high-risk and time-consuming activity by many customers.

With over 30 years' experience, we can advise on the most appropriate migration strategy, analyse data quality on source systems, assist with data analysis and understanding value of the source data, help customers improve and extract information, and then map that data to our platforms. We then set up the import processes, establish reconciliation and control reports and run tests until the data is ready for final loading.

Specialist heritage product knowledge

Older products or schemes require understanding of the complex product features or scheme benefits. Our staff have lots of experience in these areas which is crucial to successfully implementing the solution.

With profits, 80s/90s life/savings charging structures, DB benefits & legislative ‘tranches’ are examples where our specialist knowledge is a real differentiator.


Ensure you get the most out of our platform with our comprehensive suite of training services. For new systems, we will design a bespoke training programme to help your team transition to our platform with minimal disruption. For existing customers, we offer refresher training to ensure users are getting the full potential out of our solutions, as well as packages tailored to help you onboard new starters.

Pension calculations

In addition to the heritage product experience is the skill set to define, build/configure and test pension calculations. This is relevant to the DB and Hybrid scheme customers and forms one of the most critical areas of an implementation for those verticals.

Our ability and experience in supporting the whole suite of calculations across LGPS customers ensures customers receive fast, accurate implementation, and with a fuller scope of automated calculations than any other vendor.

For company schemes or life company DB/BPA portfolios, our professional service proposition focuses on core expertise that can deliver bespoke calculations quickly and accurately.

  • Over 1 million calculation scenarios automated

  • Single benefit calculations that include Final Salary and CARE scheme benefits

  • Full coverage for England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland scheme calculations

  • Support for variants including 50:50 scheme, Underpins and ex-NHS members

  • Our team act as technical consultants to the Joint Pensions Group

Packaged Consultancy services

Our range of packaged consultancy services deliver targeted solutions to common challenges:

  • Full system health checks

  • Periodic Processing

  • Data Quality

  • Benefits Surgery

  • Operational Process review