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The McCloud Judgement has had a huge impact on public service pension schemes, posing a significant challenge for scheme administrators to ensure that they are compliant with the ruling.

If your scheme is impacted by the McCloud Judgement, Heywood Pensions Technologies can help. We are collaborating closely with our customers, regulatory bodies and industry working groups to implement simple, cost-effective solutions to ensure you can offer a great experience to affected members. Find out how we can help you by getting in touch.

Data Assessment

To start, you will need to assess your data to identify which members are within the scope of the McCloud Judgement – this will typically be members who were active both prior to (as at 31 March 2012) and after the introduction of CARE (31 March 2014 or 2015, depending on the scheme).

For all of these members, you will need to ensure that you have a record of their full-service history and complete CARE details – many schemes stopped collecting this data when Pension Reforms were implemented in 2014/2015. If you don’t have this data, you will need to obtain it and load it into your administration system.

Heywood Pensions Technologies can help you with this exercise, offering a full range of services; from a toolset to help you manage the exercise yourself to a full end-to-end managed service including:

A detailed analysis of your member data, identifying which members may be impacted and the data that is missing.

Produce templates, ready to be sent to your employers to submit data for the impacted members.

Liaise with your employers to gather the missing information .

Collate the employer data submissions and carry out integrity checks on this information.

Upload the data into Altair member records and carry out reconciliations between Altair and the employer submissions.

Full project management, including progress reporting.

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Case Review

You will need to review all casework and/or benefits paid to members within scope of the McCloud Judgement. We can help you:

Identify what casework and benefits may be impacted by the McCloud Judgement.

Creation of bulk routines to carry out ‘what if?’ scenario modelling, for example calculating the member opting to take their benefits on a different scheme basis (Final Salary or CARE).

Prioritise members for remediation and plan a communication strategy.

Remediation and Communication

Once you understand which members are impacted, you might need to revise or recalculate their benefits to take account of the McCloud Judgement, potentially offering them a choice of which scheme they wish to draw benefits from. You will also need to ensure that any benefits paid in future are compliant with the McCloud Judgement.

Heywood Pensions Technologies can help you every step of the way, including:

Bulk recalculation of member benefits.

Rectification of benefits, including considerations around additional contributions or underpayments.

Ensure that benefit calculation rules automatically apply the McCloud Judgement for future calculations.

Running an options exercise if required to allow members to choose which scheme (Final Salary or CARE) to draw benefits from.

Communicating with members to ensure that they understand the options and the impact on them.

Tracking down members you have lost touch with.


The benefits of our approach include:

Our fully managed services reduce the burden on business-as-usual operations.

Allows you to quickly gain an understanding of your potential exposure.

Helps you to adopt a consistent, controlled approach.

Decreases your dependence on in-house analysis abilities.

Leverages Heywood's unrivalled knowledge of McCloud, your scheme and the member data structure.

Helps you to meet the tight timescales associated with the data collection exercise and remedy implementation.

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