DWP Pensions Dashboards: further consultation

The Department for Work and Pensions published a second Pensions Dashboards Consultation on 28 June 2022.

The consultation is in response to industry feedback and is necessary to complete the Pensions Dashboards Regulations. The following topics are covered:

  • Dashboards Available Point (DAP)

  • Disclosure of Information

The consultation is scheduled to run for three weeks and closes on 19 July 2022. You can find the consultation here and any questions should be directed to pensionsdashboard@dwp.gov.uk.

We’d Like to Canvass Your Opinion

We have created a short survey to gather feedback for discussion and to assist with our own consultation response. The two-minute survey will ask for your thoughts on reasonable time periods, challenges and your level of comfort with the proposed powers of disclosure.

Please access the survey, here.

Dashboards Available Point (DAP)

The DWP included brief information on the DAP within the last PDP consultation in January 2022 and the industry has requested further clarity. The DWP propose to provide further clarification through the proposed DAP provision within the regulations and would like to gather further feedback from the public on the following question:

Do you agree that 90 days is a reasonable period between the DAP formally being announced, and the DAP itself?

The DAP is the point at which pensions dashboards services will be made available to all members of the public.

Before responding to the consultation question, you should consider if three months is sufficient time for your scheme to prepare for the additional administrative work that the pensions dashboards will create:

  • Increased customer engagement

  • Responding to partial matches

  • Calculating missing/expired value data

Will you require additional staff to manage the increased capacity, and will 90 days be sufficient time to recruit and train them?

Disclosure of Information

DWP are also consulting on disclosure of information, as this was excluded in the draft PDP Regulations. This is a supplementary measure, as it is required to support the dashboard delivery and operational processes. It does not affect what schemes need to do but it is necessary to consult ahead of laying the draft Regulations before Parliament.

The consultation question posed by the PDP is:

Do you have any comments on the proposed powers to disclose information?

The PDP and TPR need to be able to share information with each other about pension schemes. They have drafted a new provision to establish a clear power to expressly enable MaPs to disclose information to TPR in relation to pensions dashboard services to support their work, specifically in the context of the Pensions Dashboards Regulations.

Information MaPS will provide to the TPR to allow them to monitor compliance and undertake interventions includes:

  • Initial connection/registration data

  • Ongoing connection status data

  • Scheme endpoint data (the software/provider the scheme is using to connect to the ecosystem)

  • Management information summary regarding find and view requests

  • Contextual data (e.g. matching criteria)

  • Compliance data

  • Reporting materials

Data proposed to be shared by TPR and MaPS include:

  • Basic Scheme data

  • Security data (TPR registration code)

  • Dashboard access data

  • Contextual data (size and staging deadlines)

What should you do next?

Ensure that you submit your consultation response by close of business on 19 July 2022.

Share your thoughts

Please remember to share your thoughts on the consultation with us, here.