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Heywood Pension Tech

Heywood Pension Technologies, a leading provider of pension management solutions, is excited to announce the successful completion of its acquisition of Idiom Limited, a renowned software company specialising in market-leading business rules software and data management software solutions. This strategic move marks the first step in Heywood Pension Technologies' growth plans and opens doors to new markets and opportunities.


The acquisition of New Zealand based Idiom Limited equips Heywood Pension Technologies with enhanced capabilities, including expediting the programming of benefit calculations, surpassing the speed offered by any other administration platforms. This transformative advantage will empower Heywood Pension Technologies to deliver exceptional customer outcomes, in critical areas such as buy-ins or buy-outs, GMP rectification projects, and data and benefit audits.


Commenting on the acquisition, Sian Jones, Interim CEO of Heywood Pension Technologies, expressed great enthusiasm about this significant milestone in the company's growth strategy. She stated, "The acquisition of Idiom is a fantastic step forward for Heywood Pension Technologies. It allows us to broaden our horizons and venture more deeply into the buy-in buy-out market, where we feel we will be able to address our customers' needs with unmatched efficiency. We are committed to leveraging this acquisition to solidify our position as a trusted leader in the pension industry."


Mark Norton, CEO and Founder, Idiom Limited said, “Idiom are pleased to announce our partnership with Heywood Pension Technologies. Heywood's platform is a perfect complement to our unique business rules and data management solutions. Our collaboration with Heywood further demonstrates our ability to develop and use business rules to drive business agility, something that we pride ourselves on delivering for all our customers.”

Heywood Pension Technologies is renowned for its commitment to innovation, client-centricity, and delivering award winning, cutting-edge solutions that empower pension schemes. The acquisition of Idiom Software aligns perfectly with these core values, further strengthening Heywood Pension Technologies' ability to meet the evolving demands of the industry and exceed customer expectations.