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Heywood Pension Tech

Heywood Pension Technologies, a leading provider of pension and data analytics solutions, is pleased to announce its new partnership with Money Alive, a pioneering video solutions technology company. This partnership aims to revolutionise member engagement by integrating personalised video content into Heywood's member engagement solutions, starting with Annual Benefit Statements.

The Video ABS is an innovative addition to Heywood's suite of member engagement services, offering pension fund members a dynamic and interactive channel to access their benefit statements. Through real time, personalised video, members gain a better understanding of their pension benefits, reducing the need for queries. This new feature aligns with Heywood's commitment to enhancing member experiences and streamlining administration for pension funds.

"We are thrilled to partner with Money Alive to bring Personalised Video functionality to Heywood solutions," said Fraser Smart, CEO of Heywood. "We recognise the importance of member engagement in achieving successful retirement outcomes. This partnership allows us to offer a novel approach for clients to engage with their members effectively. We are providing a new way for members to understand their pension benefits by providing easy to digest information, empowering them to make informed decisions about their retirement plans. We already have exciting plans for much more video content."

The integration of the Video ABS into Heywood member engagement solutions is seamless, requiring zero effort from Heywood's customers. Leveraging the power of Altair, the Video ABS automatically extracts relevant information from pension statements, eliminating any additional effort for customers.

Commenting on the partnership Money Alive Co-founder Ian Beestin said “Having a personalised Annual Benefit Statement presented to you, on demand, is a great starting point to understanding and valuing your pension. It’s been a pleasure working with the Heywood team to craft their own ABS story using our Video Canvas technology. We look forward to where personalised video content can take us next”.

The Video ABS incorporates personalised details and explanations tailored to each member's pension held with the fund. Furthermore, it accommodates legislative differences, automatically displaying the correct dates and relevant information for individual members.

The Video ABS includes a recap exercise that allows members to check their understanding of the presented information. Heywood tracks key analytics associated with the Video ABS, including the number of plays, completion rates, and member responses to the recap exercise. This valuable data provides actionable insights to pension funds, enabling them to optimise member engagement strategies and measure success.

Heywood and Money Alive are excited about the potential of this partnership to enhance member experiences and empower individuals to make informed decisions about their financial futures.

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