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Heywood Pension Tech


Administering a pension scheme is not straightforward. It is complex and has many moving parts. Have you ever felt like it is almost too hard to get things done? Surely life could be easier?


How much time do you spend logging into one system, to check or collect information only to then have to access another system to manually re-key that information? Do you check information in one place only to have to go to a different place to cross reference or check something else? Is your work dominated by multiple spreadsheets?


A robust administration platform can help reduce repetitive tasks. But many tasks will still be necessary. They do not necessarily all have to be done by an administrator.


Automation and workflow are pre-defined processes where something as simple as a key date being reached generates a whole set of actions that “just happen”. Or perhaps the changing of one item of information triggers follow on actions, such as updating other record elements, generating a letter or email or flagging a potential problem.


Good automation and workflow can dramatically reduce the amount of time you have to spend on administration by taking the strain on predictable and repetitive tasks and actions. It is likely that a degree of workflow is already in place within your administration platform but when did you last talk to the provider of that platform about what you do each day and why?


A good administration platform provider will always be keen to work with you, to understand what causes you pain and why. Quite often, a scheme will tell a provider that they require the system to do something. It would be better to start explaining what you are doing and why. You will be surprised how often starting with “what and why” will lead to a better and more efficient solution than just suggesting a solution.


Technology has and continues to advance rapidly and automation of tasks, setting of next steps and following a logical path is far more achievable than it was in the past. It is almost inevitable that in the course of your work you need to use more than your core administration platform. Connectivity between systems is increasingly achievable and connecting to one system to obtain something that then goes into a different system can often be completed automatically, with no manual effort.


If you ever feel like your job should be easier, it probably can be. Talk to your administration platform provider. Share your pain with them and work together to increase the automation and remove those tasks that take up far too much of your day. Time spent doing this will be time very well spent. 


Heywood Analytics provide a range of efficient and reliable data analysis, cleaning and automation services. We put you in control of your information and help you focus on what you do best - delivering positive member experiences. To learn more about Heywood Analytics, please contact us.


David Rich is Heywood’s Head of Data Services. He has contributed to many data and regulatory initiatives, including the DWP Single-tier State Pension, Automatic Enrolment and the Dormant Assets Commission.


David also works with PASA on various panels, including the Dashboard Working Group.