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Heywood Pension Tech

Heywood Pension Technologies recognise the need for the recent Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) written ministerial statement regarding the connection deadlines for pension dashboards. It is important to keep momentum going by ensuring the legislation gets agreed promptly. We believe that pensions dashboards have the potential to revolutionise retirement planning and empower individuals to make informed decisions about their future.


However it is crucial to clarify that the 31 October 2026 date set out in the statement should be regarded as the absolute backstop deadline, and pension schemes and providers should not consider it as their individual connection date.


We urge pension schemes and providers to proactively follow the new dates outlined in the forthcoming guidance and plan their implementation accordingly. It is imperative to understand that the guidance still carries legal weight and Schemes will need to be able to demonstrate how they have applied it in their implementation process. Schemes should continue their preparation in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Pension Dashboards Programme as well as the guidance issued by PASA.


Chris Connelly, Chief Strategy Officer, Heywood Pension Technologies says “Waiting until the last minute to connect to the digital architecture will only result in failure for all involved. Collaboration and proactive engagement are key to the successful implementation of pensions dashboards. By following the guidance and working collectively, we can ensure a smooth and timely integration of various IT systems and deliver the benefits of pensions dashboards to members. We look forward to helping PASA take the lead in steering the Industry’s collective response to a practical working timetable for all.”


It is encouraging to note that the Dashboards Available Point, the point at which dashboards will be accessible to the public, may be achieved even earlier than this deadline.


Heywood Pension Technologies remains committed to supporting the industry and leveraging our expertise to facilitate the effective adoption of pensions dashboards.