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Heywood Pension Tech

Heywood Pension Technologies, a leading provider of pension management solutions, is proud to announce its appointment to the Integrated Service Providers (ISP) and the Provision of Member Data Services National LGPS Framework, where it has been distinguished as the only supplier awarded all seven lots. This achievement reinforces Heywood's position as a comprehensive end-to-end supplier for pensions dashboard ISP and data pension services.

The decision to select Heywood was based on a combination of factors that showcase the company's commitment to excellence and innovation:

Pensions Dashboards Programme Involvement: Heywood has played a pivotal role in shaping the Pensions Dashboards Programme, earning the status of an Alpha partner, demonstrating its extensive involvement and leadership in the field. Additionally, Heywood Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Connelly, created a new cross-industry forum of the leading software providers to collectively discuss and provide technical input into what the Money and Pension Service were planning.

LGPS Expertise: With unparalleled expertise in the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), Heywood brings a deep understanding of the intricacies and specific requirements of this sector.

Automated and Scalable Solutions: Heywood's solutions are not only automated but also highly scalable, seamlessly integrating with various pension administration systems to provide a versatile and efficient service.

Implementation Excellence: The company boasts an excellent implementation approach, with significant capacity to onboard numerous schemes swiftly, ensuring a smooth transition and operational efficiency.

First Class Security Practices: Heywood prioritises security, maintaining an excellent standard and adhering to best practices, instilling confidence in the safeguarding of member data.

The LGPS Framework simplifies the procurement process for LGPS authorities, offering services for Pensions Dashboard ISPs and Data Services, including address tracing and correction (UK & overseas), mortality screening (UK & overseas), bank account verification and data quality reporting. This framework ultimately enhances the services delivered to LGPS authorities and benefits the 6.1 million members who will experience an improved service.

Sian Jones, CEO of Heywood Pension Technologies, expressed her excitement about the achievement, stating, "Being the only supplier awarded all seven lots is a testament to our leadership in the LGPS space. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of pension authorities to get them connected to the Pensions Dashboard on time."

Stewart Ireland, Chief Commercial Officer, added, "Our success in securing all seven lots in the LGPS Framework reflects Heywood's dedication to providing more than just a service – we are here to empower schemes. We understand the urgency for LGPS, as well as corporate schemes to become Pensions Dashboard ready and our automated and scalable solutions ensure a swift and efficient onboarding. Heywood is not just a supplier; we are a strategic partner, guiding schemes towards seamless Pensions Dashboards readiness and offering a holistic end-to-end solution."

Heywood Pension Technologies looks forward to continuing its role as an industry leader, delivering cutting-edge solutions that contribute to the success of LGPS authorities and their members.