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Heywood Pension Tech

Heywood Pension Technologies has achieved PAS 2060 Carbon Neutrality certification, a significant milestone in our journey towards environmental responsibility. This internationally recognised accreditation demonstrates our commitment to quantifying, reducing, and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions across our operations, products, and services.

PAS 2060 sets rigorous standards for carbon neutrality, requiring organisations to demonstrate quantifiable progress in emission reduction and offsetting. By achieving this certification, we join the ranks of leading companies actively addressing climate change and exceeding industry standards in sustainability.Carbon Neutral PAS 2060 Certification

This accomplishment builds upon our announcement last year of becoming carbon neutral, marking a significant step in our journey towards a more sustainable future. We are committed to not only offsetting emissions, but also to actively reducing them. We have established a comprehensive carbon management plan with concrete emission reduction goals, and our dedicated ESG Committee will continuously monitor progress and provide regular updates on these initiatives.

We have offset our remaining emissions through certified carbon-offsetting projects. These projects contribute to positive environmental and social impacts, further demonstrating our commitment to holistic sustainability.

Achieving PAS 2060 certification underscores our leadership in environmental responsibility within the pensions industry. It builds trust with stakeholders by demonstrating transparency and proactive action on climate change. Additionally, this accreditation positions us ahead of evolving regulatory requirements, ensuring long-term compliance and sustainability.

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