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Mark Crump

If you’re involved in your pension scheme’s pensions dashboards plans, ask yourself these three questions:

  • Have you chosen how you’re going to connect to pensions dashboards?
  • Have you created and provided your calculated value data?
  • Is all your common data up to scratch?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, perhaps you should read on.

Heywood are the industry’s leading experts on the provision of Dashboard ISP - we've been helping and guiding the Passport Dashboard Program since 2020 – following the original ABI project in 2016. As one of the only two alpha participants who have fully tested our connection with the central architecture, we are also ahead of the game on solutions for secure data transfer, matching, data cleansing, and the calculation and provision of value data.

Since the pensions dashboards reset, we’ve continued to engage regularly with customers, the Pensions Dashboards Programme and other industry stakeholders. We’ve also been involved in helping and advising the government on data and reporting initiatives as they bring this project to life.

We’ve also used the reset as an opportunity to enhance our ISP service, and in the process ensured our ISP provision is a market leader.

Industry leading Value Data calculation service

We’ve been around long enough to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of the complexities of pension management. That’s why we’ve developed an innovative service to create value data calculations, revaluing your deferred to pensioner records. Our in-house team of Defined Benefit calculation experts are using our newly acquired low code calcs engine to produce Value Data Calculation results for schemes on any platform, with any data structure.

It not only ensures your scheme remains accurate, but it ensures you stay on top of your compliance obligations, making it the go-to solution for industry leaders seeking a reliable, comprehensive, and scalable dashboards ISP.

With many schemes struggling to adhere to these requirements, our service helps you resolve this challenge, giving you the confidence that your data is accurate and always up to date.

We already have a full range of schemes and scheme types signed up to use our ISP. The administrators of over 3 million pensions records have selected Heywood, and a further 5 million are underway.

Don't let complex data regulations and integration challenges slow you down. Our team data experts have helped numerous schemes like yours get ready for connecting to dashboards smoothly. We'll be by your side every step of the way, providing you with up to date and accurate benefit statement information, ensuring compliance and accurate reporting.

Already selected your ISP partner?

Not to worry. This service is available whether you use our ISP or not. We can work with you on all outstanding calculation requirements and provide you with the results you need to send to your ISP - as you onboard, and on an ongoing basis.  

Why Choose Heywood? 

Market Leadership: Utilise our established platform, trusted by industry leaders 

Involvement: We’ve been at the heart of the Pensions Dashboards Programme since its inception. Advising, working on and have played a crucial role in helping to write the data and reporting standards. 

Legislative Compliance: Stay ahead with our services that cater to the latest legislative requirements, we’re always ahead of the curve.  

Accuracy and Efficiency: Benefit from our advanced calculation tools and expert team, dedicated to delivering precise and swift calculations. 

Tailored Solutions: We understand each scheme is unique, and our services are customised to meet your specific needs. 

Ready to find out more? We’re on hand to help. Contact us for a no obligation consultation, or alternatively, take advantage of our free Dashboards Data Readiness Report – we’ve already issued 66 to schemes just like yours.

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