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Pensions Dashboards ISP

Building long-term data connections with pensions dashboards

Pensions dashboards are coming, and the pensions industry is busy preparing for staging dates when firms are compelled by legislation to connect to dashboards or face a potential fine. 

​Connect to pensions dashboards with Heywood's secure and compliant ISP

Our ISP will connect you to pensions dashboards by your staging date, but what happens next? 

Rest assured that your data is always ready for dashboards with our advanced data tools. They not only help you ensure ongoing compliance for your scheme but also keep your data connected seamlessly. 

We simplify the process of finding and connecting your members, reducing your administrative workload and saving you valuable time. With these tools at your disposal, you can devote your attention to what really matters - forging meaningful connections with your members.

A Trusted ISP Provider



An overview of Heywood's ISP

Data Transfer

Ensure your ongoing connection to pensions dashboards

Project Management

Comply with all your reporting duties and meet the required response times


Secure, encrypted data.
Systems protected from high volumes


PDP Standards Compliant.
ISO 27001 Certified Security

Artificial Intelligence

Provide expert insight into the decisions every data controller must make, defining matching rules, and deciding what benefit data to provide

Technology Enabled

High availability and rapid scalability. Backed by Amazon Web Services.


Flexible data-matching rules.
Automated Partials resolution


Keep you and your data up to date with changes to the legislation and standards

Built using Amazon Web Services, the service is built to operate securely and reliably, at scale. With the same pedigree as our i-Connect service, used by more than 7,000 employers to upload over 50 million record updates a year, you can be assured the Heywood ISP will deliver.

Illustration of Pensions Dashboards ISP

Request a Dashboards Readiness Report

What happens if you have a lot of possible matches? Will that overwhelm your admin teams with queries?

We provide tools to help you resolve Possibles efficiently. We can also help keep that journey to resolving Possibles online, with our innovative Possibles Resolution Service.

Request a FREE Dashbaords Readiness Report and we will provide you with a comprehensive overview on the quality of your member data so you can:

  • Get a clear view on how accurate your member data is
  • Formulate a plan for cleansing and updating your data to get it dashboards ready
  • Locate and reach more members, increasing  engagement 
is your data really dashboards ready?

Heywood's Pensions Dashboards ISP - start your journey today

With your data being available to dashboards 24/7, you need to stay on top of it.

Our services continue to monitor for data accuracy and can update you when we find out about changes.

Contact us to move your data readiness away from one-off projects and into a regular automated process.

Enquire about our Pensions Dashboards ISP Solution