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Our vision

To provide expert data-driven, technology-enabled solutions that;

  • Help individuals feel confident about their future as they understand, plan and save for later life.

  • Help schemes and providers attract, engage and retain members and customers.

How we’re different

  • Providing great service and support to all customers while building strong partnerships to accelerate the expansion of our portfolio of solutions and services
  • Being recognised as the market leader, with our solutions positively differentiated from the competition, with sustainable growth in each target sector

  • Partnering with customers to create a best-in-class member experience and adding value through every interaction for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders
  • Delivering a diversified portfolio of solutions across all workplace pensions with a continued focus on software as our core offering

  • Being a trusted adviser to customers across all sectors, as measured by independent customer satisfaction surveys

  • Creating a holistic view of the data across pensions to support customers and members in making better informed decisions

Our mission

To provide data-driven, technology-enabled solutions that support delivery of optimal outcomes for all workplace pensions and helping members feel secure about the future by informing decisions as they plan for retirement.

We will achieve this by delivering: 

  • Business intelligence and analytics solutions to support better decision making by customers and members

  • A compelling opti-channel experience encouraging regular engagement with workplace pensions by all members

  • Technology-enabled solutions that seamlessly integrate all workplace pension components to provide real-time information
  • Artificial intelligence tools giving insights into member behaviours and other data to improve outcomes

  • A high level of data accuracy and integrity that improves service to members and reduces costs for customers

  • Increased automation of back-office processes that improve efficiency and reduce operational overheads

Our values

Our core values have been developed by our people and articulate who we are as a company. They help us shape and nurture our culture and strengthen our engagements within the industry.

We encourage people to be themselves

  • We recognise the beauty and value of diversity
  • We respect the individual
  • Everyone has a right to feel safe and supported
  • Everyone has a voice that should be heard

We work

  • We believe teams are more powerful than individuals
  • Openness, honesty and integrity must be a given
  • Together we celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes
  • Everyone should feel a sense of pride being part of the team

We make things happen

  • We encourage positivity and a can-do attitude
  • We have an aptitude for listening and learning
  • We are committed to delivering customer value
  • We are passionate about delivering on our commitments
  • Our people are encouraged to do the right things and to do things right

Why choose Heywood?

With almost 50 years of pension experience behind us, we’ve got a long history of quality, expertise and success. Plus a customer portfolio that speaks volumes. Thanks to our award-winning solutions, you’ll be empowered to meet any challenge, and fully equipped to create optimal outcomes for your members.