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Efficient pension de-risking

Heywood brings unique technology solutions to your whole de-risking journey, allowing you to operate at maximum efficiency. Freeing you up to carry on with business as usual. 

Heywood Passport has been designed to simplify pension risk transfers. It provides you with all the tools you need to manage every step of the de-risking process efficiently. Navigate every checkpoint - effortlessly, efficiently, expertly.

Pension risk transfer solutions

Leverage our best-in-class technology to get the best results for your clients. And free up valuable resources at the same time. 

Heywood Passport

Unlock the power of efficient pension de-risking. Supercharged data management. Lightning quick benefit calculations. Engaging member communications.

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Bulk purchase annuities and de-risking resources

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Who we work with

Our customer list speaks for itself. At Heywood, we believe a true partnership is a two-way street. Mutual trust and respect are at the core of every interaction. And that’s why we enjoy long-term partnerships with all of our customers.