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Inspiring growth and innovation

Most companies have a learning and development programme. But no one does it quite like Heywood. Our Hive Days were established in 2016 by our people, for our people. Held on a monthly basis, they connect the whole business to work and grow together. 

Hive Days are hosted virtually and in person. Everyone is invited, and everyone contributes. From new graduates to board members, our people's diverse backgrounds and skillsets enable us to capture and share knowledge. The focus is on personal development and enhancing our work practices. And the results are truly outstanding. 

What happens on Hive Days?

Our Hive Day sessions are categorised into four core themes: Essential Skills, Culture, Business, and Technology. They may be discussions. They may be presentations. They may be hands-on, collaborative exercises involving the whole company. But the one thing they all have in common? They inspire action. 

Hive Days are always educational but aren’t always strictly work-related. Our recent events included these informative sessions.

  • React vs Angular: a battle of the JavaScript frameworks
    Following a two-week sprint to explore and compare these frameworks, members of the development team shared their findings with the business and their recommendations for the foundation of our future web applications.
  • Cocktail Masterclass
    This hands-on session taught attendees how to serve classic and non-alcoholic beverages to impress guests. It was held at the end of a productive Hive, providing a relaxed environment for everyone to get to know each other.
  • How to plan and lead a creative retro
    Retro meetings are traditionally held by Scrum Masters, but they don’t have to be. This session shared what a developer learned at a tech meetup and how they implemented this in their very own creative retro workshop.
  • Sleep is not to be slept on
    We spend 36% of our lives sleeping, and a good, healthy sleep can have life-changing benefits for both the body and mind. This fascinating session covered the importance of practising good sleep hygiene.
  • From code to customer
    This session looked into the process of how we deploy our products, those involved, the tech used and how it all fits together. It was pitched at a level where everyone in the business could gain a valuable understanding.

What our people think about Hive

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