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Your gateway to pensions dashboards

Experience a seamless connection to pension dashboards with Heywood’s Pensions Dashboards ISP. You can rely on our expertise to navigate complexities, safeguard your data, and keep you at the forefront of industry standards and compliance. We’ll be with you every step of the journey.

Our advanced tools go beyond mere connectivity. They empower you to effortlessly uphold ongoing compliance for your pension scheme. Your data isn’t just connected. It's seamlessly integrated, ensuring a smooth and compliant experience. And we’ll do the heavy admin lifting, leaving you free to focus on your members.

Connect with confidence

Securely connect to pensions dashboards using Heywood's ISP. Designed for compliance. Designed for security. Designed for you. 

  • Comprehensive overview
    Get on top of your data management with a detailed overview of your data readiness and compliance status.
  • Data preparation
    Let us lighten the administrative load. We’ll help you in preparing your data for connection, ensuring successful matches. 
  • Technical expertise
    We’ll handle all the technical aspects of connecting to the central system, and provide you with a secure, ongoing connection. 
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Reasons to choose our pensions dashboards service

Everything you need for a comprehensive dashboards service, all in one place. 


The complete toolkit

Everything you need to prepare for connecting to pensions dashboards: data readiness, matching rule assessment, compliance status. 

Total flexibility

When connecting your data, we can cater to your needs – whether it’s simple file uploads, API integration, or the ability to automate processes and make seamless record changes.


Data analytics

Take control with our in-built data analytics, offering compliance monitoring, overview of data quality, and insightful member statistics.


Simple user interface

Our intuitive, wizard-driven interface provides the tools to set, test and maintain scheme-specific matching rules, individually or in bulk. Empowering you with autonomy to ensure compliance with the Pensions Dashboards regulatory framework.

Compliance review

Once a member is successfully matched, a simple click allows you to review all view data sent to the dashboards, ensuring compliance with the PDP Data Standard.

Industry knowledge. Unparalleled expertise.

We have a deep understanding of what’s required to help pension schemes get ready and connect to pensions dashboards. In short, we know what schemes need to do. And we know how to deliver for them.

Heywood has been working with the Pensions Dashboards Programme since 2016 as part of the industry working group. We were subsequently announced as an alpha programme participant in April 2021, and have been directly involved in designing the Dashboard’s ‘find and view’ APIs. We don't just understand the requirements. We have actively shaped them.

Pension dashboards resources

Giving you the insider view on all the latest industry developments, and expert intelligence on the news that matters.

Who we work with

Our customer list speaks for itself. At Heywood, we believe a true partnership is a two-way street. Mutual trust and respect are at the core of every interaction. And that’s why we enjoy long-term partnerships with all of our customers.