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Data Migration


Heywood has a proven track record of successful data migrations having completed over 100 migrations for small, medium and large customers from a wide range of ceding systems.


To achieve successful data migrations, we have:

A dedicated data migration team, supported by our pension experts and development teams.

Robust, efficient data migration tools with built in data validation.

A successful, repeatable, incremental data migration process.

A fully collaborative approach with an integrated Heywood Pension Technologies and customer project team.


The benefits of our approach are:

Drawing on our experts in the business to achieve a seamless and efficient data migration.

Assurance of a quality data migration with resolution of any underlying data quality issues.

Iterative delivery of value throughout the data migration process.

A deep understanding of the source data with full input from the people who know the data.

What our Customers Say:

The project had a very clear time deadline that had to be achieved. Leicestershire and Heywood colleagues worked very closely throughout, and delivered within the timescale required. The project went very smoothly and any issues were highlighted quickly, overcome and clearly communicated.

Ian Howe

Pensions Manager

Leicestershire County Council