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Employer Services

Our Employer Services solution, i-Connect, simplifies data interactions between employers and funds within a highly secure environment. 

Using data taken directly from the payroll system, i-Connect automatically identifies new joiners, opt-outs and leavers, seamlessly generating an extract for submission to your scheme.

Reducing the cost and risk associated with processing pension data, i-Connect automates the submission of data to your scheme in a single solution, improving the flow of data and minimising manual intervention.



Automated employer 'on-boarding' process

Automatic identification and processing of all starters, leavers, salary, contribution and member data changes

Configurable workflow processes enable teams to automatically process the work associated with each submission

Ease of Use

Fully integrated with Altair – member records updated with no need for human intervention

A single platform for employers and pension fund interactions

Synchronisation of employer payroll and pension fund data

Intuitive dashboard and complementary suite of reports

Reports can be loaded into finance systems to assist with contribution reconciliation process

See status of monthly submissions at a glance


Secure VPN connection

Highly secure data exchange with straight-through processing to your pension fund

Integrity checks are applied to ensure that the data is accurate and complete

Data not fully matched is rejected as an error and identified with a unique identifying reference

Scheme Employer and Administering Authority informed of any errors via automated email

Proactivity Review and Employer Performance Management

View employer performance information and produce reports to identify the accuracy and timeliness of the data submitted

Automated, configurable email reminders prompt employers to make timely submissions


i-Connect intelligently manages the data flow from employer to administrator.

For administrators, i-Connect provides substantial improvements in the timeliness and accuracy of data, automating the data gathering and validation process to bring real cost savings. i-Connect integrates fully with Altair to create seamless business processing

Ensure data is valid at the time of upload by the employer, rather than placing the responsibility and effort on the fund

Automatically verify that employers have made the appropriate file submissions

Eliminate the need to amend input files, thereby improving the audit trail

Improve the overall quality and availability of data, reducing downstream pension administration costs

Improve regulatory and legal compliance

Improves process and operational efficiency (digital versus manual)

Provide increasingly accurate and valuable data relating to key performance indicators, which will allow managers to manage their resources more effectively


For Employers, i-Connect

Reduces the effort and costs in supporting the pension scheme

Provides a simple and efficient process for submitting data

Reduces the need for paper forms

Improves governance of the contribution reconciliation process

Eliminates the annual end of year return

What our Customers Say:

Heywood have delivered secure self-service and data exchange solutions that deliver our business objectives for members and employers as well as reducing our administration costs.

Laura Colliss

Pensions Manager

North-East Scotland Pension Fund

i-Connect allows the Pension Fund to automate a number of our procedures, reducing administration time, while the regular and secure transfer of data has dramatically improved quality.

Steve Lyon

Technical Analyst

Royal County of Berkshire Pension Fund

Heywood have delivered secure self-service and data exchange solutions that deliver our business objectives for members and employers as well as reducing our administration costs.

Tim O'Connor

Pensions Manager

Lewisham Borough Council

i-Connect has made a significant impact on our ability to get Annual Benefit Statements out by the statutory deadline.

Vicky Jenks

Pensions Admin Lead

Warwickshire County Council