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Pension Buy-in and Buy-out Solutions

Streamline your pension de-risking journey with Heywood Passport

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Unlock the power of efficient pension de-risking with Heywood Passport. Our solutions are designed to simplify buy-ins and buy-outs, providing you with the tools to navigate the de-risking process.

Supercharged data management. Lightning quick benefit calculations.  Engaging member communications. Heywood Passport navigates you through all the checkpoints you need for a smooth and efficient buy-in or buy-out journey.

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Supporting pension schemes and insurers through every step of the Bulk Purchase Annuity process

Data Quality Enrichment & Cleansing

Our award winning  data tools empower pension schemes to achieve new levels of accuracy and enhance overall data quality, delivered through clear and precise Insights dashboards. But how does that help  buy-in or buy-out journeys?

  • Provides visibility of data quality to Insurers which helps reduce risk premiums
  • With accurate data you can be confident in your member communication campaign being a success
  • Our regular, always-on service allows the scheme to demonstrate their data remains of high quality right up until the transaction

Pension Benefit Audit

The powerful calculation engine enables the correction of calculated benefits faster than traditional means, allowing for an accurate assessment of ongoing liability levels, in a shorter time frame. 

  •  Gain a precise evaluation of ongoing liabilities, allowing for a more accurate assessment of the level of risk involved
  • The cutting-edge service is completely automated and can be easily rerun whenever necessary, ensuring the utmost accuracy in maintaining data integrity until the transaction stage
  • Accelerate the validation of benefits data to significantly shorten the project timeline
  • If a spouse is identified during the data audit, they can be easily appended to the member and their benefits calculated

Engaging Member Communications

Heywood Passport helps to develop a communication strategy that enables you to effectively engage with your members and keep them informed throughout every step of the buy-out process. We use clear and easy-to-digest language to ensure that your goals are communicated effectively.

  • Enable informed decision-making and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Nurture member satisfaction and create a positive experience through regular, transparent updates via secure, accessible channels
  • Reduce in-house administration efforts and costs
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Using 70+ data sources covering 56.3 million UK adults, you can be assured our data cleansing and tracing services will provide you with the most up-to-date data for members.

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Understanding Pension Buy-ins and Buy-outs: A Comprehensive Overview

In today's ever-changing financial landscape, pension schemes face various challenges in managing retirement obligations effectively. Pension buy-ins and buy-outs have emerged as powerful tools to mitigate risks and provide financial security for schemes.  

Heywood Passport: Managing and Reducing Risk in the Pensions Industry

As pension schemes seek to manage and reduce risk, buy-in buy-out (BIBO) strategies have become an increasingly popular option. Transitioning to a BIBO strategy can be a complex and time-consuming process however, one that requires meticulous preparation and attention to detail.

Effective Member Communication in Pension Buy-ins and Buy-outs

Effective member communication is a fundamental aspect of any successful pension buy-in and buy-out. Deploying a transparent and clear communication strategy is essential for engaging with members, providing them with the necessary information, and addressing any concerns they may have.

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About Heywood

Heywood Pension Technologies builds modern software solutions for pension schemes, pension administrators and employers to help transform how their members manage their lifelong financial journeys.

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