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What are pensions dashboards?

Pensions dashboards will allow pension scheme members to securely access and view all of their separate pensions information online, all in one place.

They will provide members with a holistic view of their pensions, providing them with the information they need to make informed decisions, reunite forgotten pots, and project their income needs. 

The Pensions Dashboards Programme (PDP) was created by the Money and Pensions Service as the body responsible for designing and implementing the central digital architecture to make pensions dashboards work.

Pension providers are compelled to connect to pensions dashboards by a staging date, with dates varying depending on scheme type and size.

Why was the Pensions Dashboards Programme introduced?

The PDP is an ambitious initiative introduced to boost consumers' engagement with their pensions as well as making it easier for them to re-connect with lost pensions pots.

​The PDP will create a central ecosystem for pension schemes and providers to connect to on a compulsory basis.

2024 pensions dashboards latest

2024 stands to be a pivotal year for pensions dashboards preparations. 

In Spring, we expect to receive an update from the PDP, with an official announcement of pensions dashboards staging dates due. 

In the meantime, the pensions industry continues to prepare for pensions dashboards connection, including data cleansing and system integration.


Pensions Dashboards ISP

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Pensions Dashboards FAQ

To help pension fund managers and administrators, and those involved in the process of connecting their pension scheme to the dashboards ecosystem, we’ve put together the most commonly asked questions on dashboards.

Webinar: Getting ready for dashboards

Watch an on-demand recording of our pensions dashboards webinar 'Getting ready for dashboards: Three key actions to be doing now', held on 13 June 2023. 

Hear from Heywood experts and Angela Bell, Industry Outreach Lead, Pensions Dashboards from the Pensions Regulator as our panel   dive into the latest pensions dashboards update from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and discuss it's impact on pension schemes and providers.


Draft regulations and data standards

Heywood's Pensions Dashboards Lead John Dale shares the latest iteration of pensions dashboards draft regulations and data standards.

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Preparing for pensions dashboards

LGPS Pensions Dashboards Connection Guide 2023: What you need to know

The Local Government Association (LGA) released their draft Pensions Dashboards Connection Guide for LGPS Administering Authorities on 6 November 2023.

In the article, we've broken down the Guide and highlighted the key areas where Heywood can support you in your dashboards preparations. 


Dashboards data readiness checklist

It is of paramount importance that pension schemes and providers validate their data prior to connecting to dashboards and on an ongoing basis post staging-date.

To help pension schemes prepare, Heywood’s handy Dashboards Data-Readiness  Checklist will guide you on everything you need to do to be ‘Dashboards Data Ready’, always.

How do you connect to pensions dashboards?

As you prepare to connect, it's crucial that you understand all the requirements to enable pension scheme members to securely access and view all their separate pension information online.


Webinar: Are you Dashboards ready?

In this data readiness workshop, Heywood Dashboards experts discuss the importance of routinely cleansing data as you make preparations for connecting to pensions dashboards.

What's been happening since the pensions dashboards reset?

What's been happening since the pensions dashboards reset? At Heywood, we've continued to work on, and enhance our ISP service. Here's what you need to know. 


Connecting to pensions dashboards

Heywood's Pensions Dashboards ISP

Heywood's secure ISP will connect you to pensions dashboards by your staging date and deliver powerful reporting functionality that helps you montior ongoing compliance and data quality.

Heywood's ISP
What's DAP

What's DAP? Debunking the myths

72% of our respondents felt 90 days wasn't wasn't sufficient time between Dashboard Availability point (DAP) being announced, and the DAP itself. In this article we explore DAP and common dashboards myths.

The ISP advantage: people get ready

As we stand on the threshold of a crucial year for schemes and providers to prepare for pensions dashboards, Heywood Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Connelly, guides you through the essentials when it comes to sending your data to dashboards. 

ISP advantage

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Time is ticking for pension schemes and providers to ensure their member data is connection-ready. Heywood is your one-stop shop for getting your data cleansed and ready to go.

We'll provide you with a comprehensive overview of the quality of your member data so you can:

  • Get a clear view of how accurate your schemes member data is
  • Formulate a plan for cleansing and updating your data to get it dashboards ready
  • Locate and engage missing members
  • Be confident in data quality when connecting to pensions dashboards.

We've already delivered 66 pensions dashboards data readiness reports to help pension schemes like yours prepare and cleanse its data ahead of connecting to the dashboards eco-system.

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