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Life in Technology

We are passionate about building quality software and work using Agile principles to solve our customer and industry challenges.

We build software that plays a key role in securing the financial futures of millions of people. We work in cross-functional scrum teams to identify, design and implement solutions that solve our customer's problems and improve the lives of pension scheme members.

We value principles such as continuous integration and automated testing and we encourage our teams to continuously improve how they work.

Continuous Learning

Make a difference from your first day

At Heywood Pension Technologies you have the opportunity to take part in a variety of projects, enabling you to continually learn and develop new skills.

Forever investing in our teams, we recruit graduates to nurture with our wealth of knowledge and expertise, as well as seasoned industry experts.

Heywood is a great place to work. I couldn’t be happier with the choice I’ve made and the opportunity I was given. There is always lots of pressure around what to expect from a graduate or what a graduate should already know or be able to do. One of the things I love about working here is that I’ve never felt that pressure.

Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and it’s such an inclusive working environment that I feel like I’ve always belonged here. The support and encouragement I’ve received is amazing. It has definitely helped improve my knowledge and grow more confident in my skills.

Francesca Piana


How we lead

We believe that the role of our leaders within Heywood is to put the needs of others first, to coach and help people develop and perform as highly as possible.

We achieve this by encouraging each individual to:

  • Be autonomous - to self-direct their day-to-day tasks
  • Achieve mastery  -  to have the desire to develop their skills and progress
  • Seek purpose -   to want to do something important and that has meaning

Hive has allowed me to really focus on the aspects of my role that I need to improve on, and is a very useful gateway to meet more people within the organisation! I find having a Hive day a month provides the perfect balance of day-to-day work and personal development.

Asadullah Haider


Technology and DevOps

In recent years Heywood Pension Technologies have been on a journey to introduce DevOps into the organisation. In this post, Ian Gibson provides an insight into the benefits derived from adopting a DevOps culture, including greater automation, tighter feedback loops and what this means for our customers.