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Life in Technology

We are passionate about software and work using Agile principles to solve our customer and industry challenges.


We use test-first principles to provide our customers with innovative, end-to-end solutions in a short space of time and work collaboratively through scrum methodology, allowing everyone’s voice to be heard. We keep our software solutions progressive and innovative through our build pipelines.

Continuous Learning 

Make a difference from your first day

At Heywood Pension Technologies you have the opportunity to take part in a variety of projects, enabling you to continually learn and develop new skills. 


Forever investing in our teams, we recruit graduates to nurture with our wealth of knowledge and expertise, as well as seasoned industry experts.

I’m incredibly grateful to be working in such a supportive company. From my first day as a graduate, I felt like my skills and input were valued. I’ve been given opportunities to grow, learn new skills and move into new roles; I’m so lucky to have had such an incredibly diverse set of roles in my eight years with  Heywood.


Shenley Gallimore

Customer Relationship Manager

How we lead

We believe that the role of our leaders within Heywood is to put the needs of others first, to coach and help people develop and perform as highly as possible.

We achieve this by encouraging each individual to:

  • Be autonomous - to self-direct their day-to-day tasks

  • Achieve mastery  - to have the desire to develop their skills and progress

  • Seek purpose -  to want to do something important and that has meaning 

I really appreciate our approach to personal development. Flexibility around training time, regular internal community meetups and the monthly Hive days make a huge difference in terms of skillsets and team morale.


Daniel Banks

Systems Developer

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Our Practices

Test-Driven Development

Continuous Integration


Internal Knowledge Groups

e-Learning Subscriptions

Scrum and XP Values

Technology and DevOps

In recent years Heywood Pension Technologies have been on a journey to introduce DevOps into the organisation. In this post, Ian Gibson provides an insight into the benefits derived from adopting a DevOps culture, including greater automation, tighter feedback loops and what this means for our customers.










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