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Are you overpaying your pensions?

Impersonation of Deceased (IOD) is one of the main types of pension payments fraud. It can cause significant reputational and financial damage to a fund. 

Accidental overpayment also has serious financial and reputational issues, such as cases of causing distress for bereaved partners during a sensitive time.

Due to the administrative overhead and small financial values, funds often fail to recover overpayments; however, when these payments are aggregated over a year the total overpaid can be significant.

Do you keep in touch with your deferred members?

Keeping in touch with deferred members is becoming increasingly important. Correspondence, including deferred benefit statements, is an important part of providing a good pension administration service. But with deferred records often being decades old, and over 10% of the UK population moving home each year, how do you know that correspondence containing financially sensitive information is being sent to the correct address?


The ATMOS Mortality Screening identifies potential mortality cases based on a range of data sources including the General Register's Office Disclosure of Death Registration Information.

Mortality screening across a range of data services

Easy-to-use certainty matrix

Quick turnaround time to support your payroll cycle

The ATMOS Address Cleansing and Trace service corroborates addresses to Royal Mail standards and traces ‘gone-aways’.

Auditable results files

Secure and encrypted data transfer and storage protocols

Results that are easy to upload into Altair

Automated cleansing, validation and formatting of common data attributes


Reduced administration costs

Reduced pension overpayments

Reduced risk of fraud and data protection breaches

Improved accuracy of scheme valuation

Improved communication

What our Customers Say:

Torfaen CBC has been submitting a monthly mortality screen check to ATMOS since December 2010. The process of sending and receiving the files is quick and straightforward and the results are received promptly.

Assistant Pensions Manager

Torfaen CBC

Having used a couple of other tracing services in the past I chose ATMOS for the combination of security, service and value.

After the success of an initial cleanse to improve address quality, trace gone-aways and identify historic mortality cases I decided to implement the ATMOS monthly mortality screening service too.

The monthly screening is proving highly effective and has prevented a significant number of overpayments. It is also negating the risk of any fraud cases. Every month we are notified of pensioner deaths and the results include a certainty level and associated match matrix to aid with our investigations.

Kevin Gerard

Carmarthenshire County Council