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Your calculations, efficiently automated

Preparing for the Pensions Dashboards and updating historic GMP records has put a spotlight on the need for all schemes to change or automate more and more calculations.

Existing calculations require updating and some may need creating for the very first time. On top of this, many schemes are looking to de-risk and need an accurate valuation of their liabilities, requiring more automated calculations than ever before.

Heywood are pioneering the future of pension administration calculation automation. Calculations Manager is a standalone tool that can build your calculations to deploy anywhere – in your systems, in your portals or to run in isolation.

Accelerate your project work

The software includes the powerful 'Codify' feature, which can turn spreadsheet calculations into code in minimal time.

The calculations can be used alongside any admin platform and incorporated into your administrative landscape with no need for a lengthy migration process. Simply provide the relevant data along with a specification and we can start to solve your problems immediately.

  • Precise targeting and scale

    Using data extracts, we can immediately start solving your problems without disrupting your usual process, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day work. Our calculations can be run across thousands of records in seconds. 

  • Multi-use deployment

    Once we’ve automated your calculations, you can use them standalone, embed them in your systems and use them in your apps.

  • Outpace your vision
    Turn your logic into code and get ahead of your calculation projects right away. We will use our cutting-edge technology to save you the time and effort of getting started.


Heywood Calculations Manager one
Heywood Calculations Manager two

Reasons to choose Heywood's calculations

Leverage Heywood's low code calculation and decisioning technology for a seamless end-to-end-process.


Experience and expertise

Heywood have been at the forefront of pensions technology for nearly 50 years. We have over 200 dedicated specialists and our team hold over 1,000 years of cumulative experience. Our size and breadth enables us to be flexible and scalable for you.



We will cast an objective eye over your project and have a team of consultants ready to help you along the way to getting your administration running smoothly.


Thought leaders

We position ourselves at the forefront of industry initiatives and are keen to support schemes of all types and sizes. Heywood are true experts – our culture of learning encourages employees to specialise in their fields and broaden their pensions knowledge.



We use best-in-class automated technology across the board to solve your problems efficiently and with minimal manual effort.

Accurate and efficient calculations

Heywood's scalable calculations solution delivers a robust, reliable pensions solution. We can meet many customer needs using our low-code calculation and decisioning technology to avoid the time and effort needed for a large-scale migration. 

We perform a data quality analysis and highlight any missing or incorrect information before building the calculations, providing an accurate and seamless end-to-end process. 

We work flexibly, quickly and efficiently and can help perform one-off exercises, provide an annual service or help you on demand.

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Who we work with

Our customer list speaks for itself. At Heywood, we believe a true partnership is a two-way street. Mutual trust and respect are at the core of every interaction. And that’s why we enjoy long-term partnerships with all of our customers.