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Optimised data. Enhanced engagement

Heywood’s data and software solutions are designed to empower pension schemes. Our integrated services not only optimise member data, they also help you deliver effective digital engagement strategies. Helping you create a truly personalised member experience. 

We'll provide you with a comprehensive report on your scheme's member data, and we’ll collaborate with you to enhance its quality. Ensuring that you meet all your obligations effectively. And cost-efficiently. 

Empowering pension schemes

Our solutions improve accuracy, reduce operational costs, and build a responsive experience for your members. 

  • Ensure compliance and accuracy
    We’ll verify your member data meets the highest quality and validity standards, ensuring full compliance with regulatory guidelines. And once it’s accurate, we help you keep it that way. 
  • Reduce resources and costs
    Implement automation, while validating and maintaining the quality of member records. The result? Reduced overpayments and significantly lower operational costs.
  • Enhanced digital engagement 
    Locate, connect with and verify members using the broadest range of UK data. We use cutting-edge technology to verify email addresses, building an environment of digital trust.

Reasons to choose Heywood’s Data Quality services

Discover how our solutions optimise your data and boost the engagement process. 


Enhanced member experiences

We’ll provide you with absolute confidence in your member data, empowering you to establish deeper connections with members through digital engagement strategies.

Automated processes

Our automated and streamlined processes lead to efficient resource allocation and significant cost savings. Freeing up your people to deliver where they’re really needed. 


Maximum data security

Our solutions provide heavyweight security to your member data, ensuring you’re fully protected against any potential risks of data breaches and fraud.


Real-time member updates

Identifying and addressing member life events in real-time not only provides a better member experience but also allows for proactive risk mitigation.


Confirming compliance

We’ll help you confidently meet legislative and compliance obligations, and ensure your data is always pensions dashboards ready.

Enriched data accuracy

Heywood’s integrated solutions utilise 70+ data sources covering 56.3 million UK adults. You can rest assured our data cleansing and tracing services provide you with the most up-to-date data for members.

By proactively identifying critical member life events, inaccuracies or changes in your data, we deliver a more personalised experience for every member. We’ll build trust and boost engagement - taking your member experience to the next level. 

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Who we work with

Our customer list speaks for itself. At Heywood, we believe a true partnership is a two-way street. Mutual trust and respect are at the core of every interaction. And that’s why we enjoy long-term partnerships with all of our customers.