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Improving accuracy. Adding certainty.

Life happens and admin doesn’t always keep track. This is particularly relevant when individuals are unaware of how changes to their marriage or cohabitation status may impact their pension. That’s where Spouse Append+ comes into play. We’ll help you stay on top of changes, and on top of your admin.  

Our reliable and secure service takes your member data and provides the information you need to know, including spouse and cohabitee information, or if they are a widow(er). You can rely on Spouse Append+ to do the hard work, keeping your pension records accurate and up-to-date.

Increasing certainty over liabilities

Ensuring you always hold current information on your member records.

  • Maintain accurate records
    Spouse Append+ has been built to help your administrators and pensions scheme trustees keep up with changes and manage admin efficiently.
  • Extract member data
    Choose an extract of members for analysis. We’ll examine the member data, providing updated information to keep you on top of pension liabilities. 
  • Secure file transfer
    Our Managed File Transfer (MFT) product ensures that all files are securely transferred. Giving you complete peace of mind.

Reasons to choose our Spouse Append+ service

Increase certainty over liabilities, by securing complete and current information.


Spouse and cohabitee information

Current information on spouse and cohabitee details is essential to facilitate smooth administration, comply with requirements and prevent disputes. 

Widow/Widower information

Outdated information can affect the overall integrity of the scheme. Spouse Append+ ensures effective and ethical administration when it really matters. 


Gone Away indicator

Regular efforts to locate and update contact information for ‘gone away’ individuals are essential components of responsible scheme management. 


Separation indicator

Help protect the rights of all parties involved. Keeping track of divorce or legal separation ensures compliance and supports the individuals. 

Deceased indicator

Maintaining up-to-date records on the deceased status of plan members is essential for effective and responsible administration.

Managing information. Managing liabilities

Keeping on top of pension schemes can be complex and challenging. We're here to help. The Heywood Spouse Append+ service is designed to provide you with valuable information that can assist you in assessing scheme data, keeping up-to-date member records, and accurately valuing pension liabilities.

The risk of increased liabilities can be a major concern. That's why our service is specifically designed to identify spouse and cohabitee information, which can be useful in identifying possible beneficiaries. Providing increased certainty over your liabilities.

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