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The ultimate member engagement platform

Heywood Engage will transform the way you communicate with your members. Designed specifically for the member audience, it offers a seamless user experience. It allows users to access the information they need, confidently and effortlessly. 

The platform has been built to empower members and give them back control of their pension information. Created with the user in mind, it offers intuitive navigation and a range of easy tools. Sophisticated software that’s ingeniously simple to use.

Exceptional member experience

A cutting-edge platform designed exclusively to enhance the member experience:

  • Unparalleled user experiences
    After conducting thorough testing with members and administrators, and focusing on usability, we have created a platform that provides a seamless user journey. It unlocks member access to essential pension information, delivering a hassle-free experience. 
  • Intuitive self-service tools 
    A set of user-friendly tools allows members to effortlessly navigate their accounts, make necessary updates, serve their own benefit projections and modelling, and delve digitally into important documents.
  • Reduced admin for schemes
    The self-service tools reduce the admin burden on pension schemes - streamlining their workload, reducing lead times, and encouraging member engagement. A win-win for all parties.
  • Meaningful member relations
    The platform has been designed to allow you to actively connect with members, offering tailor-made communication and other resources. Helping you to forge even stronger bonds between members and pension schemes.

Reasons to choose Heywood Engage

Discover a truly intuitive member platform that unlocks access to vital pension information.


Clarity and financial peace of mind

Make it easy for members to review retirement goals and financial planning with a clear overview of current pension status and projected retirement income.

Making complex stories simple

Pension information is communicated in an accessible way using plain language and proven storytelling techniques, reducing the need for additional support.


Planning for financial futures

Empower individuals to confidently plan their retirement journey with personalised, data-driven communication.


Exceptional member experience

The platform offers user-friendly tools and expert guidance for managing pensions. Ensuring a seamless journey, and satisfaction for every member. 


Powerful analytics tools

Know what your members are doing. Our analytics tools enhance pension schemes' understanding of member behaviour for a better overall experience.

Multi-factor authentication

Our state-of-the-art security measures, implemented on AWS, ensure safe access to pension information.

Video annual benefit statement

Heywood's video annual benefit statement (ABS) solution is a game changer for member engagement. It integrates personalised video content into your member portal, making it an innovative addition to Heywood's suite of member engagement services.

Video ABS offers direct calls to action to improve data quality, tracks correct answers, and customises future communications for a well-informed membership. Effortless to deploy, it can be connected to your data to deliver members a unique view of their annual benefit statements.

Member engagement resources

Giving you the insider view on all the latest industry developments, and expert intelligence on the news that matters.

Who we work with

Our customer list speaks for itself. At Heywood, we believe a true partnership is a two-way street. Mutual trust and respect are at the core of every interaction. And that’s why we enjoy long-term partnerships with all of our customers.