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Robust payroll management

Altair Payroll is trusted to process over 20 million payments every year, and ensures full compliance at every step. With Real Time Information (RTI) reporting to HMRC, it’s always got you covered. 

Altair Payroll is an integral module within the Altair ecosystem. This means you don’t just get a comprehensive pensioner payroll system. You get all the assurance of a system enriched by seamless integration with Heywood’s member engagement platform and Heywood Insights. 

Integration. Compliance. Efficiency.

  • Seamless integration
    Altair Payroll offers effortless integration with Altair, utilising a single database for both administration and payroll data.
  • Complete compliance
    Ensure compliance with HMRC's Real Time Information (RTI) reporting, supporting all message types and automating response retrieval.
  • Enhanced efficiency
    Get organised with automated tax code updates and PAYE tax payovers, along with support for multiple payment payrolls and various payment frequencies.

Case Study: Suffolk County Council

Find out how Altair Payroll transformed the pensioner payroll process for Suffolk Country Council.

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Reasons to choose Altair Payroll

It’s fast, accurate, and always fully compliant. And here are four more reasons to use Altair Payroll:

Single database

All your data, in one place. Reduce data transfer risks and resource demands by consolidating data in a single database, ensuring consistent pension increases across administration and payroll data. 

Automated data transfer

Automate data transfer from the benefit calculation engine to pensioner payroll with controlled authorisation steps, reducing payslip and P60 costs through member portal integration.

Simplified processes

Simplify and automate processes with HMRC RTI message validation, automatic retrieval of HMRC Response messages, tax code application from HMRC, and automated BACS file generation for PAYE tax payments.

Professional support

You’ll always get five-star support. Rely on our dedicated Pensioner Payroll team for expert assistance and advice. Plus, we have a long-standing user group that collaborates to keep the product up-to-date.

Fully integrated. Fully compliant.

Because Altair Payroll is fully integrated with Altair, your admin and payroll data is stored and processed from a single database. Reducing the risk of error, and increasing the speed of processing cases.

The system is built to ensure compliance at every step of your journey. Altair Payroll delivers Real Time Information (RTI) reporting to HMRC, saving you time while maintaining compliance.

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